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The permanent competition to find the
100 most interesting people of the Earth.

The rest of the world is competing to be one of them.
You get to decide. You can compete.

Scroll down to know more.

The 100 is an experiment

Everybody can post stuff.

+5 Points

Posts are scored by the users.

Up or down.

+ 5 - 2 + 43 - 15 = + 31

This score is added to each users's Total score.

Rank # 264

Users are ranked based on this score.

The 100 hightest scoring people become


Only their latest posts are displayed on the front page.

The rest of the world is, of course

The World

All of their posts (old and new), go to the World,

The aim of the experiment is

To find the 100 most interesting people on earth.

Create an account to start voting
Or try to be the one of the 100.

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